About the Artist

Rik Maki is one of the most prolific "quick sketch" artists in the animation and cartoon industry today. With 27 years or professional experience his creative imagination combined with skill and dedication to the art form of drawing has brought him 10 feature film credits as character designer in such films as “Finding Nemo”, “Treasure Planet”, “A Bug’s Life” and “Dinosaur”. Rik ‘s skill at drawing combined with his endless flow of creative ideas is why he has created thousands of designs for such clients as Marvel Studios, Filmation Studios, Hanna Barbera Studios, Pixar Animation and 18 years with Walt Disney Feature Animation. For more information on Rik's filmography visit him on The Internet Movie Database.

His work is published in “The Art of Lion King” , "The Art of Hercules” , “The Art of The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “The Art of A Bug’s Life”.

Rik has also been sharing his skill in character design as a staff instructor at the California Institute for the Arts in Valencia California for the past 5 years and now shares his love of drawing with you in his latest book
"Scribblin' Away at Mike's Cafe".

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